BaNeFF doc.short 2017 AWARDS

Winning films in in the Balkan film festival December 20 Stockholm

Fiction short films

First price – Best movie goes to

Aplauz za Lazića/ Applause for Lazic short film, 2017, Serbia, 23’36’, director Marko Marković

A short fiction about solidarity and friendship in a situation where it is difficult being young facing an older generation that seems to live a total different life. A film that gives the viewer an understanding of the situation for young people in Serbia.

Award Women presents in the film goes to

I love YU short film, 2013, Croatia, 15′, director Irena Skoric .

Memory is everything, a mix of family films and reenacted moments of holidays, love and daily life. The local story of Riejka is unfolded the result a poetic film.

Special Jury price goes to

Ambi short film, 2017, Macedonia, 18’37”, director Marija Apcevska
Big drama in a small scale involving life and death describing the situation for a brother and sister taking care of a drunken father.

Documentary price goes to

Najvažniji dečko na svetu/ The Most Important Boy in the World documentary, 2016, Serbia, 75′, director Tea Lukač

A documentary film about the cult of Justin Biber that by using subtle camera movements and engaged dialogue with the bebibers opens doors to the secret rooms of desire and ambition.

Love is all that matters short film, 2017, USA, 5’5”, director Svetlana Cemin

An inner documentary travel in the labyrinth of love and desire in the spirit of Dusan Makajejev.


Guardians documentary, 2017, Serbia, 41′, director Miljan Gogic

A documentary about the role of religion and holy symbols that gives a near to anthropological insight in a local history not to be forgotten.


Festival Special Prices that enrich Festival meaning through creativity and courage go to:

Pa tru eshte qielli/Heaven has been fooled short film, 2017, Albania, 13’33”, director Odeta Cunaj

for director’s sensitivity that supports women presents in filmmaking on Balkan.

S Ruba Pametri/ From The Edge Of Sanity documentary, 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26’35”, director Milana Majar

for film director’s courage to dive into Sirian conflict from her own perspective.

Nijemi Krik/Silent Scream documentary, 2017, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 43’44”, director Milan Petković

for women’s courage to come out with the deepest pain and suffering by telling the truth. 


jury memebers:

Nils Claesson

Olgica Lindquist

Rod Marrero Paller