doc.short 2017

Time schema BaNeFF doc:short 19 december, Kungsängen



Festival opening


short film, 2017, Macedonia, 18’37”, director Marija Apcevska


S Ruba Pametri/ From The Edge Of Sanity

documentary, 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26’35”, director Milana Majar

Q&A with guest Milana Majar


Paus 14.50-15.10


Aplauz za Lazića/ Applause for Lazic

short film, 2017, Serbia, 23’36’, director Marko Marković


Pa tru eshte qielli/Heaven has been fooled

short film, 2017, Albania, 13’33”, director Odeta Cunaj

Q&A with guest Odeta Cunaj


Najvažniji dečko na svetu/ The Most Important Boy in the World

documentary, 2016, Serbia, 75′, director Tea Lukač


Paus 17.10-17.20



documentary, 2017, Serbia, 41′, director Miljan Gogic


Tova ime go zabravete/Forget About This Name

documentary, 2017, Bulgaria, 58′, director Boyan Papazov


Paus 19.00-19.15



documentary, 2017, Sweden, 6′, director Eva Bygren

Četiri Pasoša/Four Passports

documentary, 2016, Serbia, Germany, 83′, director Mihajlo Jevtić





Time schema BaNeFF doc:short 20 december, ABF Stockholm



Visoki hrastovi/The Tall Oaks

documentary, 2016, Montenegro 44′, director Radoslav T. Stanišić

Love is all that matters

short film, 2017, USA, 5’5”, director Svetlana Cemin


Paus 16.50-17.00


Nijemi Krik/Silent Scream

documentary, 2017, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 43’44”, director Milan Petković

Q&A with the guests, director Milan Petković and film protagonists


Paus 17.45-18.00

I love YU

short film, 2013, Croatia, 15′, director Irena Skoric

Q&A with guest Irena Skoric


The Journalist and the Jihadi

documentary, 2007, India, USA, 78′, director Ramesh Sarma


BANeFF doc.short 2017 AWARDS and guest PANEL


Paus 20.00-20.10



Тихи Кутак Христов/ A Quiet Nook Of Christ’s

documentary, 2017, Serbia, Montenegro, 29′, director Radisav Jevrić



short film, 2016, Serbia, 19′, director Raško Miljković




Time schema BaNeFF doc:short 21 december, ZITA




short film, 2017, Macedonia, 18’37”, director Marija Apcevska


Pa tru eshte qielli/Heaven has been fooled

short film, 2017, Albania, 13’33”, director Odeta Cunaj

Q&A with guest Odeta Cunaj


All movies are with English subtitles.

BaNeFF program doc.short december 2017

Short fiction


Ambi, 2017, short film, Macedonia, 18’37”

director Marija Apcevska


Another ordinary night for the brother and sister, Deno and Sara. They are going through their usual routine. Only this time, as tension grows, a decision – which may bring their future into question, is born.


Production: Quasar Film

Producer: Blazhe Dulev

Cast: Dimitrija Markovski, Antonija Belazelkoska, Vladimir Tuliev






S Ruba Pametri/From The Edge Of Sanity, 2017, documentary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 26’35”

director Milana Majar


The documentary “From the Edge of Sanity” is interwoven with the destiny of a Christian family from Syria. At the peak of the war two sons and a daughter of Younes Ayoub and Helen Alashehab leave the war-torn fatherland. Fear of terrorists and a desire to preserve the family together forced the 65-year-old Helen to go after their children. The hero of the film, seventy years old Younes Ayoub, remains in Damascus…


Production: Radio Television Republic of Srpska

Producer: Aleksandar Sevic

Cast: Younes Ayoub, Helen Alashehab





Aplauz za Lazića/ Applause for Lazic, 2017, short film, Serbia, 23’36’

director Marko Marković


Nemanja’s been arrested. His friends, Borko and Filip, want to deal with the guys they think have snitched on him. Lazić thinks that starting of the conflict couldn’t help Nemanja. He founds his own way to solve the problem.


Production: Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade

Producer: Tijana Drakulić

Cast: Jovan Gulan, Vladimir Kovačević, Amar Ćorović, Nataša Ninković




Pa tru eshte qielli/Heaven has been fooled, 2016, short film, Albania, 13’33”

director Odeta Cunaj


Vesa, a former singer, meets a fan of hers who tries to shed light on her life.


Production: O Film

Producer: Odeta Cunaj

Cast: Alban Ukaj, Astit Alihajdaraj, Odeta Çunaj




Najvažniji dečko na svetu/ The Most Important Boy in the World, 2016, documentary, Serbia, Croatia, 75′

director Tea Lukač


Boris Mitrovic is the biggest Justin Bieber fan in the Balkans. Inspired by his idol, and armed with his manager, a Lamborghini and a fan base on Facebook, Boris is trying to make his show-business dreams come true. While some fans dream about the day they will meet their idol, other fans dream about the day when they will become someone’s idol. The film explores the distance between these dreams of love and success, and the everyday lives of the fans.


Production: Faculty of Dramatic Arts

Producer: Tea Lukač


Čuvari/GUARDIANS, 2016, documentary, Serbia, 41′

director Miljan Gogic


This is a story about the Androvic family, guardians of the Cross of St. Jovan Vladimir, the first Serbian saint.

St. Jovan Vladimir was killed in 1016. He held a Cross in his hands. 1000 years after that, the Cross still lives …

Through the centuries only two members of the family knows where the Cross is hidden.


Production: 4SE

Producer: Miljan Gogic

Cast: Milo Androvic, Dragan leverda, Amfilohije Androvic, Jovan PLamenac, Zoran Kostic- Cane





Tova ime go zabravete/Forget About This Name, 2017, documentary, Bulgaria, 58′

director Boyan Papazov


This film about Julia Ognyanova is a multi-genre play in four parts. (1) The tragedy is “Julia and Her Bullies“. A girl belonging to the middle class will be crippled for the rest of her life due to her leftist beliefs. (2) “Julia and Her Censors” is a political drama about the ruin brought to the “Bourgas Miracle” (1957-1960) by incompetent pseudo democrats. (3) The story about “Julia and Her Clowns” is told by participant Petar Tsankov “The Cricket”. (4) “Julia and Her Children” is a documentary comedy played by Julia’s “children” – her students.


Production Company: “ARS” Ltd (

Producer:     Ivan Tonev






Lyrica, 2017, documentary, Sweden, 6′

director EVA BYGREN


A boy, a monster and after.


Production: Buffon Art

Producer: Eva Bygren

Cast: : Tommy Lindblom




Četiri Pasoša/Four Passports, 2016, documentary, Serbia, Germany, 83′

director Mihajlo Jevtić


“Four Passports” is a partly animated first-person documentary about migration and identity in the aftermath of Yugoslavia’s disappearance, as seen through the eyes of filmmaker Mihajlo Jevtić. From the SFRY to today’s Serbia, from Mihajlo’s childhood into his adulthood: This is a film made by a guy who is about to leave his country for good, his emigrant’s suitcase. The story of four passports and one country – a farewell 25 years in the making.


Production: Company: parabellum film (Germany); Film the World (Serbia); Fade In (Croatia)

Producer: Natalia Imaz;  Mihajlo Jevtić




















Visoki hrastovi / The Tall Oaks2016, documentary, Montenegro 44′

director Radoslav T. Stanišić


The documentary The Tall Oaks is history about Montenegrins film industry founders Ratko Djurovic and Velimiru Velji Stojanovicu, produced by Radio Television Crna Gora, and how one small but prominent production find its way to survive in Jugoslav cinematography.


Production: RTCG






Love is all that matters, 2017, short film, USA, 5’5”

director Svetlana Cemin


Artist Laura Kaplan in her agonizing world. Thorn apart between her inner demons and the pieces of art that can’t find a home an artist tries to remember who she really is.


Production: 610 FILM

Producer: Svetlana Cemin

Cast: Laura Kaplan




Nijemi Krik/Silent Scream, 2017, documentary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 43’44”

director Milan Petković


During the last war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, from 1992 to 1995, thousands of Serb women were raped and tortured in Croatian-Muslim detention camps. The world knows very little about their suffering, and the perpetrators mostly live and work unpunished!

A large number of women, girls, even little girls, suffered in terrible pains. A certain number of women who survived abuses have retreated into themselves, and today they are on the margins of social life.


The film is intended to discover the full truth about the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so the future would not be built on deception.


Production: Radio-televizija Republike Srpske

Producer: Aleksandar Šević






I love YU, 2013, short film, Croatia, 15′

director Irena Skoric


Once upon a time there was a country called Yugoslavia. I love YU means I love Yugoslavia. This movie embraces the world of imagination, reality and memory with emotion. People, things, scenes and images make love B- flat which happens before, now and always.


Production Company: Artizana

Producer: Irena Škorić

Cast: Boris Pavlenić, Jelena Perčin, Lukrecija Brešković, Hrvoje Klobučar, Slaven Knezović





The Journalist and the Jihadi, 2007, documentary, India, USA, 100′

director Ramesh Sarma


The story of an Idealist  journalist of Jewish birth  and a British Pakistani Muslim, who becomes a Jihadi and  their story as their lives intersect  after 9/11, in Pakistan,  with tragic consequences.


Production Company: Moving Picture Company, VideoVision, First Take Ltd

Producer: Ramesh Sharma, Ahmed Jamal, Anant Singh

Cast: Daniel Pearl, Omar Sheikh, Mariane Pearl, Ruth and Judea Pearl all playing themselves.







Тихи Кутак Христов/ A Quiet Nook Of Christ’s, 2017, documentary, Serbia, Montenegro, 29′,

director Radisav Jevrić


Executive production: Ivana Kostic Delius film

A Quiet Nook of Christ’s is a play-documentary about St. Mardarie Libertville, the first Serbian bishop on the soil of America and his way from his native Kornati near Podgorica, from where he started as a boy, to far Libertville. The film was shot on the occasion of the presentation of his holy relics after 82 years of his retirement.



Production: Delius film

Producer: Ivana Kostić

Cast:  Radivoje Bukvić, Kristina Stevović, Vuk Bubalo, Lazar Šćekić





Kris, 2016, short film, Serbia, 19′

director Raško Miljković


Alex is a refugee from a world torn apart. His only chance to survival is to find a place that survived the apocalypse. The only thing guiding him through decaying wasteland is a voice of a girl… he calls her Kris.


Production: Faculty of dramatic arts Belgrade

Producer: Nikola Vučenović

Cast: Vladimir Gvojić, Vaja Dujović