Gorčilo – Jesi li to došao da me vidiš / Gorčilo – Did you come to see me

Gorčilo – Jesi li to došao da me vidiš /Gorčilo – Did you come to see me

director Milan Karadžić, Serbia 2015, comedy 92, Serbian-Montenegrin with English subtitle


The set is placed in a small montenegrin village, in the summer of 1968. It was the time of building the essential infrastructure throughout Yugoslavia, and the goal, specificaly in Montenegro, was to connect the poor north to the south of the country.

The village is visited by a land surveyor, with a goal to prepare the necesary documentation for the route of the future road. With him comes along his beautiful wife, Klara, balle dancer from Novi Sad, and she is practicing her routine, because of the audition for the outumn season in theatre. We follow the reactions of the villagers to their arrival, especialy towards Klara, and their willingness to corrupt the surveyor, and do basicaly anything so that the road traspasses their land. And that is only one line of the story.


Production Company: VISION TEAM

Producer: Dragan Đurković

Cast: Milutin Karadžić, Boro Stjepanović, Mladen Nelević, Dubravka Drakić, Viktor Savić


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