Igra u tami / Darkness

Igra u tami / Darkness

director Jug Radivojevic, Serbia 2015, drama 97′, Serbian with English subtitle


Love story based on motives from short story „Aska and wolf“ by our Nobel winner Ivo Andric. Vuk is dabbling in some shady business – sex trafficking. He is cruel and ruthless and he draws Aska in his claws, thanks to the well organized sex trafficking web. With her dance and beauty, Aska manages to incite love and humanity in Vuk, but also a dream of success in show business and better life. For the first time in his life, Vuk feels love which changes him completely.



Producer: Vuk Kostić

Production: INAT Entertainment

Cast: Tamara Dragićević, Viktor Savić, Vuk Kostić

f045 (1) f011 (1) f004 (1) f001 (1)