Program with the texts about BaNeFF doc.short 2018 movie selection

BaNeFF program doc.short december 2018


The Last Church Bells, 2017, short film, Macedonia, 13′

director Nikolce Popovski


An old man, the only occupant of a deserted village, goes to church every day in the morning, not only to light a candle and say his pray, but to communicate with his friends, the last remaining occupant of the other village. They do it in a rather unusual way. They are having their conversation via church bells. But, one day the old man is extremely disturbed by the fact that the bell from the other village remains silent. He decided to go to the other village where he finds his friend dead. He buries him and gets back to his everyday life. After a while, the old man is being disturbed again when the usual silence is being broken by the bell from the other village. Actually, some mountain bikers are hitting the church bell while they make some selfies. The old man quickly runs towards the other village, hoping to find someone to communicate. But, regarding his age, a stroke hits him on the way so he drops dead on the road. Later, the biker finds the dead old man, but instead of calling an ambulance or taking care of the body, they make some more selfies with the dead man.


Production: DNF Films

Producer: Goce Kralevski

Cast: Meto Jovanovski



Wieczne Cienie/Nuclear Shadows, 2017, short film, Poland, 15′

director Marek Leszczewski


A lone boy wanders the desolate wastes that once were his homeland. A catastrophic event scorched the surface of Earth and took everything from him, everything except his dignity. He wants to find a place for a proper burial of his younger brother he carries on his back.


Production: Warsaw Film School

Producer: Maciej Ślesicki




Enkel/Grandson, 2018, documentary, Serbia, 54′

director Aleksandar Reljić


An Auschwitz commander’s grandson Rainer Hoess has symbolically adopted by a holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor in the grounds of Auschwitz, a concentration camp in 2014. The two signed a pledge of a mutual struggle against racism, antisemitism and xenophobia in the today’s world.


Production: Radio Television of Vojvodina

Producer: Vanja Kranjac



The Last Gift, 2011, short film, Montenegro, 7′

director Aleksandar Vujović


A film about a young mother, who is tempted to abandon her child, due to a set of different life circumstances.


Production: Andromeda Pictures

Producer: Aleksandar Vujović

CAST:  Nada Vasilijević;

voice-over: Ana Četnik, Dusica Martinović.



Okupirani bioskop/ Ocupied Cinema, 2018, documentary, Serbia, 87′

director Senka Domanović


Occupied cinema is a film about guerrilla action initiated by young activists taking over privatized cinema Zvezda in Belgrade, Serbia. This activity united various social groups that shared the same ambition – to change the reality in which they live. However, their views about how that reality should look like were not the same.


Production: This and That Productions

Producer: Snežana Van Houwelingen

Co-producer: Nukleus Film – Siniša Juričić (Hr)



Kako smo matirali “Žutu damu”/How we checkmatted the “Yellow Lady”, 2017, documentary, Serbia, 52′

director Nada Vasić


“How We Checkmatted the Yellow Lady” is true story on the empathy, tenderness and dedication of medical staff in the treatment of children suffering from tuberculosis from the late fifties to the eighties of the last century in the Institute for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Belgrade


Production Company:0

Producer: Nada Vasić



Veruda – film o Bojanu/ A Film About Bojan, 2015, documentary, Croatia, 34′

director Igor Bezinović


Bojan is 24. Almost 5 years of his life he spent in jails around (Turopolje, Sisak, Glina, Remetinec, Pula, Zagreb, Rijeka). 20 years of his life he spent in part of town Pula named Veruda. During this filming he recorded first time in his life – a song. His hip-hop was hardly influenced with his prison experiences…


Production Company: HRT – Hrvatska radiotelevizija

Producer: Leon Rizmaul


Ο Απεσταλμένος (O Apestalmenos)/ The Liaison, 2018, short film, Greece, 18′

director Panos Kostouros


Ever since her kidnapping from Hades, Kore, now his wife and queen, has to split her time between our world and the Underworld. Hades sends for her when it’s time for Summer to end and Winter to begin. …Winter is here.


Production: edit59

Producer: Panos Kostouros






Kraljevski top – istorija srpske krune/The Royal cannon – History of Serbian crown, 2017, documentary, Serbia, 44′

director Velimir Stojanović


“The Royal cannon-History of the Serbian Crown” is a documentary-historical genre, which speaks of the origin and dramatic fate of the last Serbian crown and accompanying regalia, made out of the Karadjordje cannon from the First Serbian rise.

The film in the background of the story also lighten up the social and political situation in Serbia as well as throughout Europe, explaining the importance of preserving this objects  as a symbol of freedom and statehood of the Serbian people.

Through the plenty of archival material, the film also throws light on the key historical events of the twentieth century, revealing the less familiar historical facts.


Production: UG Forum Artisticum

Producer: Marijan Cvetanović



Isti/The Same, 2017, documentary, Serbia, 17′

director Dejan Petrović


The Same is a film that shows the everyday life of convicts and jailers in some of the biggest jails in Serbia by using it as a metaphor to present the loss of personal identity in modern society. This documentary compares a jail system to fixed social rules and raises questions about the relativity of human freedom.


Production: Independent Film Centre “Filmart”

Producer: Dejan Petrović




Južni potez/ Southern Move, 2018, documentary, Bosnia and Hercegovina, 55′

director Milan Petković


On October 10, 1995, the entire territory of the municipality of Mrkonjic Grad in the Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was occupied in an offensive called “Southern Move” which was carried out by the regular Croatian Army from the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Defense Council from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The occupation lasted until February 5, 1996, when the city and the territory of the municipality were returned to the Republic of Srpska based on the provisions of the Dayton Peace Agreement.


Units of Croatian Army and Croatian Defense Council completely devastated the city and the surrounding villages and made unprecedented crimes against humanity, leaving behind the largest mass grave of the Serbian people in the past war in the Orthodox cemetery in Mrkonjic Grad, where 181 bodies of victims were exhumed.


Production Company: Radio-televizija Republike Srpske

Producer: Aleksandar Šević


Srbi na Krfu – sto godina od albanske golgote / Serbs on Corfu – A Hundrad Years Since the Albanian glogotha2016, documentary, Serbia, 99′

Documentary Serbs on Corfu – A Hundrad Years Since the Albanian glogothauncover one of the biggest exodus in the modern history – withdrawing of the Serbian people and army under the German, Austria – Hungarian and Bulgarian occupation.  In the movie appears the historical material about hard time during the exile in Albania and further island Corfu together with French, Great Britain, and Italy– Aliened powerdocumentation. Professor Milos Kovic as narrator comes with the historical certainties and The Powers’ ambitions, describing the tragedy and agony of the Balkan, mostly Serbian people between autumn 1915 and winter 1918.


author Sladjana Zaric




Бомбыкоторыевзорвалимир/ The bombs that blew up peace, 2017, documentary, Ukraine, 41′

director Olga Lazebnik


This is a film about one of the most tragic pages in the life of contemporary Europe. March 24, 1999 was an atrocious day in the history of the former Yugoslavia.

The war, which we only saw in the news stories, became an everyday reality for millions of people in Yugoslavia.

Continuous bombings resulted in thousands of people becoming victims who would later be labelled as collateral damage of the undeclared war…


Production Company: INTER TV-CHANNEL

General producer: Anna Bezlyudnaya



DUGO PUTOVANJE U RAT/ The Long Road to War, 2018, documentary, Serbia, 117′

director Miloš Škundrić


A month after the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne begins the First World War. But this stake had been prepared decades before.


Production: Paradox Film

Producer: Miloš Škundrić