Turning point

  1. Kuda dalje/ Turning point, 2015, documentary, Serbia, 58′

director Jelena Radenović – BaNeFF guest


“Turning point” is a documentary film about the most common dilemma of the young people in Serbia – Should I stay or should I go? Authors are trying to find answers to the crucial questions as to what luck and success are, whether there is fate, how to achieve what we want, what are the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad, where the home is… through the stories of five young women who live abroad. They had to adapt to new environment and cope with the demands of partnership, career and motherhood. This project is an attempt to help young people at a turning point in their life to make decisions concerning their future, to encourage them to take the initiative and be brave enough to live their life their own way!

Production: Fini Šnit Production

Producer: Jovana Đurić