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BaNeFF 2017


BaNeFF 2017 special guests

Balkan New Film Festival is the biggest film festival outside the Balkans that shows latest movies from the Balkan region. BaNeFF will once again bring you newest movies from the Balkans but also from Russia an...

BaNeFF 2017 special guests

We are very proud to announce that our special guest on this year's BaNeFF will be Lazar Ristovski, one of the most popular and most famous actors in the Balkan region. Meet him on February 18th, at 18.00 at Zi...


Stado/Herd Serbia 2016, comedy 100', Serbian with English subtitles "Herd" is a hilarious satirical comedy about life behind the camera. Often the greater drama preceded the film or television drama that ...
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Батальонъ/Battalion Russia 2015, action drama history 124', Russian with English subtitles Spring 1917. February revolution has affected mode of life in Russia and changed the course of Great War. Monarch...