Wight of Chains 2 – European premiere, 29th November 2014, Stockholm

Medan förberedelserna för BaNeFF 2015 pågår vi överraskar publiken med en Europeisk premiär:
regi Boris Malagurski
The Weight of Chains 2 is the sequel of the popular and controversial documentary film directed by Boris Malagurski. In this film, Malagurski uncovers the possible solutions to the crisis in the Balkans that includes indebted countries, impoverished communities and a loss of faith in a better life. This feature-length documentary film will help the viewers to better understand the underlying causes as to why the people in the former Yugoslavia are still living in tough conditions and explain what the way forward could be. It critically analyzes solutions provided by the Western world in the form of EU membership and neoliberal economic reforms, while advocating individual action to find unique ways of improving living standards. The film features interviews with Noam Chomsky, Oliver Stone, Carla Del Ponte, R. James Woolsey and many others.
längd: 124 min, textat på svenska, 2014 Europas premiär
Svenska filminstitutet – Mauritz biograf, Borgvägen 1,  Stockholm
lördag den 29 november
kl.11.00 och 19.00
i samarbete med Balkan New Film Festival, MTO bilcenter AB, Association St Johannes