Balkan New Film Festival DOC.SHORT 2022 AWARDS

Balkan New Film Festival DOC.SHORT


2022-12-21, Stockholm



Best film – documentary long      

Duga Resa/Fringe Infringe, 2021, documentary, Serbia, 65’, Serbian, Croatian, Serbo-Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Slovakian, Žminj dialect (Istria) with English subtitles

Director: Škart collective

MOTIVATION: Fringe Infringe deals directly with the meaning of fringes in our lives. Indirectly film deals with the preservation of the legacy of the former Yugoslavia and the living memories of the people who lived in it, in an enjoyable way.


Best Woman Achievement – documentary long          

Veće od traume/Bigger than Trauma, 2022, documentary, Croatia, 90’, Croatian with English subtitles

Director: Vedrana Pribačić, Mirta Puhlovski

MOTIVATION: Film treaties a serious topic in a light-hearted and almost conciliatory way, even though the crimes arouse the condemnation of the criminals by the audience. Film has obvious female approach in so sensitive film subject.


Best documentary – medium/short      

Ljuštura/The Shell, 2022, documentary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20’21’’, Bosnian with English subtitles

Director: Marko Lončarević

MOTIVATION: In a direct and almost brutal cinematic way, film describes the reality of old age, which society does not take into account. An important film as a lesson in humanity.


Best Woman Achievement – documentary medium/short   

Rudarke/Female Miners, 2022, documentary, Serbia, 36’30’’, Serbian with English subtitles

Director: Marija Djokovic, Natasa Jankovic

MOTIVATION: The two female directors masterfully played with the understanding and misunderstanding of gender equality, portraying one of the most difficult jobs in the world – a miner. Image of a mine follows the characters, heroines and their struggle to cope with the gray life in the mine.


Best short film – fiction    

Kung Fu Scriptures, 2022, short film, USA, 3’1’’, English, Mandarin Chinese, Yue Chinese (Cantonese) with English subtitles

Director: Kadi Tsang

MOTIVATION: Film shows the difference between scripts and practice in martial arts, similar as difference between script and filmmaking.


Best Woman Achievement  – short film fiction           

Between me and you, 2022, short film, Bulgaria, 20’, Bulgarian with English subtitles

Director: Ilina Perianova

MOTIVATION: Emotional and vivid film narration of eternal woman doubts regarding giving a birth.


Best animation       

Behind The Loom, 2021, animation, USA, 11’, English

Director: Heejoo Kim

MOTIVATION: A masterful portraying of hard traumas, as empty solid corridors of memory.


Special prize for people power  

A small country with a big heart, 2022, documentary, Republic of Moldova, 29’40’’, Romanian, Russian with English subtitles

Directors: Lucia Lupu, Daniela Donici FESTIVAL GUESTS Q&A


MOTIVATION: For open and warm film representation of the country, hosting Ukrainian guests in their most difficult moments.


Special prize for war zone

Vukovi sa Vučijaka/Wolves from Vucijak, 2022, documentary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 127’26’’, Serbian with English subtitles

Director: Milan Petković

MOTIVATION: For getting into the secrets of military movements, with original unknown footage, in ´90-s on Balkan.


Special prize for media research

Do daske!/No Pardon! 2022, documentary, Serbia, 62‘45‘‘, Serbian with English subtitles

Director:  Aleksandar Reljic, FESTIVAL GUEST Q&A

MOTIVATION: For media criticism of the media.


Special prize for inner story

Artsanity, 2021, short film, USA, 14’ English with English subtitles

Director: Aleksandar Kostic

MOTIVATION: For depicturing of the alienation fear.


Special prize for poetic narration

Enez, 2022, short film, France, 42’, French with English subtitles

Director: Emmanuel Piton

MOTIVATION: The poetics of cinematic expression.




2022-12-21, Stockhlm

Cvetan Slepcev – former camera operator SVT

Cyril Helman – writer, journalist, screenwriter