BaNeFF DOC:SHORT 2023 festival guests

BaNeFF DOC.SHORT 2023 proudly presents guests:

Nikša Radojičić.

We will see Niksa in the film RAINBOW by Aleksandar Vujovic during the KORTFILMDAGEN at ZITA cinema, 21 december..

Festival guest is young actor main role in film Nikša Radojičić and he is coming from Montenegro to present the film at BaNeFF doc.short.Meet Nikša at ZITA cinema, 21st December 2023, at 17.00.BaNeFF DOC:SHORT guets is also  film team behind the film  “33 angels”

Milka Kajganić, born in 1951 in Kozarac, Republic of Croatia. Since 1989, she has been in Zurich, where she writes as an independent journalist. So far, she has published 16 books, with 6 novels translated into English in 36 countries. She is also the co-screenwriter of 33 Angels.foto GPO018

Branko D. Dimeski, born in 1978 in Gnjilane, Republic of Serbia, is a prominent journalist, editor, humanitarian and filmmaker. Since 2008, he has been residing in Norway, where he organized humanitarian actions to aid schools and residents in his region. Additionally, he has achieved a successful career in film.Dimeski has received several awards, including the Plaque for the development of Norwegian-Serbian friendship. He has published four books, including “Towards the Sky,” “Pelagonian Knight,” and “Homeland Impressions.” His latest project, the film “33 Angels,” explores the plight of Serbian children in Norway during the Second World War.



After screenings followes Q&A with filmmakers.