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19-21 dec


 The Cleanse / Liga prvaka, 2022, Short film, Bosnia and Herzegovina 14’ 50’’

Director Džana Pinjo


Mila and Dina have ninety minutes for themselves, the length of a football game which occupies the attention of men in their lives. Fed up with the monotony of the everyday, Mila leaves her apartment to cut the hair of a man who is not her husband, and Dina, a victim of domestic violence, enters Mila’s apartment to clean it but ends up finally resting. When Mila returns, they lay together, breathing and gathering force for what life will bring next.

Producer Rusmir Efendic

Production Udruženje Panglas

Cast Dzana Pinjo, Senzana Bogicevic



Potreba za mržnjom/Recipe for Hate, 2020,   Serbia, documentary, 81’ 10’’

Director: Filip Čolovic

Looking at old photographs of his younger brother who was murdered in a fight one summer night, the director of the movie searches for the roots of violence and hate in our society.

Producer: Filip Čolovic




Cassino Then and Now, 2023, Italy, Documentary 64’ 33’’
Director Paolo Ameli

The documentary “Cassino then and now” describes the four battles of Cassino (World War II, Jan-May 1944, Italy) through the narratives of five different soldiers (American, New Zealander, German, French and Polish) and one italian refìugee. Each different story, told by an original language voice over, is based on an accurate historical documentation about real soldiers who died during that battle and show rare stock footage of those specific acts of war. In the film are shown some views of the Cassino area, of the Abbey and of the Gustav Line front, as they appear today compared to the same place photographed during the World War II.

Producer Paolo Ameli




, 2023, Serbia, Short film, 13’
Director Nemanja Mladenovic

A filmmaker is having trouble writing a screenplay for a short film due to an upcoming deadline for his master’s program application.

Producers Milica Bazdar and Nemanja Mladenovic

Cast: Vladimir Gvojic




Stoker, 2023, Greece, Documentary 53’ 15’

Director Stylianos Bouziotis

This first-person film is a letter to my unkown Swedish sister that I have never meet, in order to indroduce her Greek biological father she doesn’t know she has.
Also is an act of reconciliation with my father and the inevitability of death.

Three different formats, five decades of life compose a cinematographic mosaic that walks the tightrope of the interplay between the joy of life and the contemplation of existence.

Producer Stylianos Nouziotis




Underwater Projects, 2023, United States Short film 28’ 22’’

Production: Think 100% FILMS

Norfolk, Virginia is sinking. The already insufficient sea wall ends where a public housing project, St. Paul’s, begins. St. Paul’s housing projects’ residents are Black people. Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base and there is currently no public plan to prevent it from going underwater.

Production: Think 100% FILMS




The Home, 2023, Ukraine Short film 9’ 40’’

Director Olesia Labik

This story is about a girl, who trying to find a new home during the war in Ukraine

Producer: Olesia Labik , Bogdan Pakholiuk





Лека нощ, Лили / Good Night, Lily, 2021, Short film Bulgaria 24’ 24’’

Director Peter Vulchev

Hidden in the darkness of her home, a lonely elderly woman tries to rearrange her life. Wandering in the labyrinth between reality, dream and imagination, she meets the ghost of her greatest love. Will their love conquer time and space or will the black hole of everyday life engulf it?

Producers: Peter Vulchev, Nevelin Vulchev

Cast: Violeta Gindeva, Pavel Ivanov




The Last Supper, 2023, Short film United States 15’ 48’’

Director Weijia Tang

Heads of three international criminal organizations gather for a very valuable exchange of exotic goods that turns into a night of bloodshed and betrayal.

Producer: HuiQiu Sun

Cast: Duo Zhou, Clark Ng, Villiam Joseph



reMemBer2.human, 2023, Albania, Short film 6’ 11’’

Director Durim Klaiqi

In an indeterminate future, forbidden memories challenge “The Collective Memory” – a database containing all human memories. But which are the memories that are challenging?

An experimental cinematic search between past, present and future, fiction, and fact, Prishtina and Tirana. The future, a glitch.

Producer: Durim Klaiqi




Škatla / The Box, 2023, Slovenia, Documentary 20’

Director Tomaz Pavkovic

The sixties and the seventies of the 20th century in our former country, a country that ceased to be. A young family moves from a rural environment to a small Slovenian town, where factories are being built and the need for a workforce is increasing. The brothers are growing up in that shaky but magical in-between, soaked in the everyday rhythms of the community, infused with the ideology of the time. Than it happens: the sudden spectrum of film; the mystique of time itself.

Producer: Tomaz Pavkovic

Production house: Pavkovič films 




Vitic Dances, 2023, Croatia, Documentary 89’ 52’’

Director Boris Bakal

A film about the struggle to restore an architectural masterpiece by restoring the community of co-owners, revealing, layer by layer, all social relations, misunderstandings, conflicts, antagonisms, prejudices and hopes. The story of the building becomes the tale of planetary human misunderstanding.

Producer Andrijana Prugovecki, Tibor Keser, Ivan Kelava



Reznica, 2022, Serbia, Documentary 23’ 24’’

Director Davor Marinković

Reznica represents two generations of refugees who are still trying to create a new identity after the break-up of Yugoslavia. Mirjana and Borislav spent most of their lives in a collective center in Serbia. Now they take a journey into the past to embrace the future in which to find a new home.

Producer Mirko Bojovic




Mamula all inclusive, 2023, Serbia, Montenegro, Documentary, 60’

Director Aleksandar Reljic

Ivo Markovic (89), a survivor of the notorious camp ran by Italian fascists during WWII, who was imprisoned as a nine year old child, witnessed how money can transform the place of torture, hunger and sufferings into a place of decadence, a SPA hotel resort, with pools and dance floors for wealthy clients, by the decision of the Montenegro authorities which signed the 49 year-lease contract with Egyptian tycoon Samih Sawiris to build a hotel. An Austro-Hungarian Mamula Fortress built in the mid 19th century was a concentration camp that held more than 2,000 people, where dozens of prisoners were killed, while more than a hundred died of starvation, from March 1942 to September 1943 till the Italian capitulation.

Producer: Dragan Gmizic,

Co-producers: Leila Dedic, Sead Kresevljakovic, Daliborka Uljarevic




33 Andjela / 33 Angels, 2023, Norway, Docuemntary 80’

Head director Branko Dimeski, FESTIVAL GUEST


“33 Angels” delves deep into the tragedy of Serbian children from the regions of Kozara, Kordun, Banija, and Lika, who suffered in Nazi camps in Norway during World War II.

The youngest among the victims was only eleven years old. This film unveils a tragic truth suppressed and unknown to the Serbian people for eighty years, shedding light on the burial sites of Serbian children in Norway.

Through authentic testimonials and documentation, “33 Angels” serves as a factual account, offering a historical perspective on these events.

Many Norwegians risked their lives to save children from certain death in the camps.

Producer Branko Dimeski

Production: Dan Media Norway



Duga/Rainbow, 2021, Montenegro, short film, 16’55’’, no text
Directed and Edited by: Aleksandar Vujović

A film that recounts an event from a boy’s memory from early childhood. As a boy of 5 years old he embarks on a journey with his father and experiences a magical moment. He realizes his life’s vocation, the call of the artist.

Production: Apulia Film Commission
Executive Production: Boka F

Screenwriter: Jelena Lela Milošević
Cast: Nikša Radojičić, Miloš Pejović, Ana Vučković and Đorđije Tatić.



Bubbles, 2023, Italy, Albania, short film 15’32’’, with English text
Directed and written by Meri Dishnica

A forty-year-old woman named SOL, floats in a long-distance relationship bubble. She starts the day waiting for the wake-up call to accurately perform her morning ritual, which seems to be a video call with her longtime boyfriend FRED. He is so far away that the sunrise at Sol’s window marks the sunset at his’. They both look weary and on the verge of frustration as they wait to see each other for Christmas— so the story goes, for some bizarre reason, for the two of them to meet requires the crack of Fred’s bubble, which never occurs.

Producer: Gianni Russo

Cast: Valeria Zazzaretta, Barnaba Bonafaccia, Margarita Xhepa



Сценариото / The Script, 2023, North Macedonia, Short film 14’50’’

Directed, written, and produced by: Aleksandra Kardalevska

Several world-famous novel characters get lost in the fantastic world of The Script filled with absurd situations and existential questions.

Producers: Aleksandar Krstevski, Aleksandra Kardalevska

Production: Light Production, Krug Film and Alka Films

Cast: Dragana Kostadinovska, Ognen Drangovski,

Atanas Atanasovski, Igor Angelov, Simeon Moni Damevski, Ana Stojanovska


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