Stålkrigarinnor / Iron Warrioresses / Čelične ratnice

Stålkrigarinnor/ Iron Warrioresses/Čelične ratnice,

Sweden/Serbia 2018, drama, 80′, Serbian with Swedish subtitles

ENGLISH: Iron Warrioresses is the testimony of Modern Mother Courage, where distance memories appear as a deep-rooted notion to the modern woman today, throughout the army of women that picked up a weapon and went to war – World War I. Time is irrelevant – It is the same as today 2018, as it was 100 years ago in 1918, during the World War I. This army of women angels-warrioresses from the past revives in the main character Leki – awakening her forgotten memory. Angels´ epic narration from the past emerge as a warning sign, same as the music of Sabaton, letting the audience hear the deepest confession of the Modern Woman today, no matter where, when and why bloody conflicts show their faces. The film is dedicated to the women’s courage and strength to resist in wartime.

SWEDISH: En modern kvinna, ‘Sleepless’ Leki möter sitt förflutna. I mötet öppnas oanade djupgående minnen av tiden som passerat för mer än 100 år sedan. Vardagens glömska ställs gentemot minnena. Kan man glömma bort sitt förflutna, sina rötter? Vad ska man göra med minnena? Bevara, förstå eller låtsats om som att de inte fanns?


Director: Jelena Mila

Production company: M.A.M.M.A. production

Producer: Jelena Mila

Cast: Jelena Mila, Conny Vakare, Olgica Lindquist, Henrik Evers, Julia Marinkovic Jallow