BaNeFF doc.short 2019 guests

Petra Terzi was born in Athens, Greece and studied Business Administration, Life Coaching, Film Direction and Writing. She is also a talent agent, multi award winning film director, producer and high caliber international events organizer. She is Founder of the network, Cultural International Festivals in Europe and the United States , that includes the Cyprus International Film Festival (since 2006) and the Bridges International Film Festival (since 2008) in Greece. She is co-founder of Women in Film and Television in Cyprus. She is a member of the Cyprus Directors Guild and the Greek Directors Guild. In all her endeavors she promotes emerging artists and film directors. Her films focus on women’s empowerment and minority communities.
Milan Petkovic
Born in 1964, in Drvar where he finished high school. He ran a private business for several years that had to be interrupted due to the beginning of the war, in which he participated.
After the war, in 1996, he started working for the Television of Republic of Srpska as an assistant cameraman and later as a cameraman.
In the year 2000, after the opening of film and television school at the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka, he enrolled the camera department. He graduated in 2004, in the class of Professor Dragan Jovanovic.
He has recorded a dozen of short and medium-length feature films: “At the bottom”, “Rock ‘n’ roll kids”, “Sign”, “Coming home”… Since 2016, he has been working in the documentary division for the Radio Television of Republic of Srpska. He has also recorded several documentary stories on the topic of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992 – 1995 – “Gospava’s Jelka”, “Silent scream”, “Operation Southern Move”.
His films were screened at Stuk festival in Maribor, Belgrade International Documentary Film Festival, BaNeFF in Stockholm…