Motorat/ The Motorbike

Motorat/ The Motorbike

Bulgaria, 2017, drama, 83′, Bulgarian, German, English with English subtitles

Slavcho, Evelina and the German boy Willy are 3 young people (aged 18) living in the Bulgarian village of Barakovo during the World War II. Willy is captain Schmidt’s son – the commander of the German military unit which comes to the village. He has a BMW motorbike which impresses Slavcho and the village children. Both Slavcho and Willy fall in love with Evelina – a girl of the same age dislocated in Barakovo due to the bombings in the capital Sofia.


Director: Valentin Goshev

Production company: ARS Ltd

Producer: Ivan Tonev

Cast: Rudi Evtimov, Itshak Fintsi, Dimitar Angelov, Mihail Mutafov