Kozje uši/Out of the Woods

Kozje uši/Out of the Woods

Serbia, 2017, comedy, drama, 107′, Serbian with English subtitles

Out of the Woods is a black comedy about a particular woman in a particular country. Stojanka (62) lives in a village. As with all her compatriots, her circumstances are wretched – a daily struggle to scrape out an existence and to make sense of such a life.

At one point in her past, Stojanka – like the country in which she lives – stood at a crossroads and took the wrong turning. Today determined not to cry over spilled milk, she has survived and uses every opportunity she can to make clear decisions and follow them through in her own eccentric way. Sometimes she succeeds and sometimes she fails. But through all these events Stojanka realizes that identity is not set in stone: it is a living process and it is never too late to repair what can be repaired.

Director: Marko Kostić

Production company: Luks film

Producer: Miloš Spasojević, Vladislava Vojnović

Cast:  Gorica Popovic, Milica Spasojevic, Slobodan Custic, Nikola Kojo