Nigde / Nowhere

Nigde/Nowhere, Serbia, 2017, drama, 88′, Serbian with English subtitles


Natasha, Tubby and Antoine are three inseparable friends. Antoine is a theater director, Tubby is a graduated chemist, Natasha is an electrical engineer. They want to leave the country and try their luck in a more developed country.

“Nowhere” is a metaphor of their common perception of their own and other countries, of Europe, their lives, their dreams and their wish to transform their “Nowhere” into a somewhere.


Director: Predrag Velinovic

Production company:Sirius production

Producer: Predrag Velinović

Cast:Nebojša Milovanović, Miloš Samolov, Marija Bergam, Ivana Velinović, Erol Kadić, Boris Šavija, Snežana Knežević