Monastery Smedjeryd visit – special Film Festival edition

Today we visited monastery Smedjeryd and talked about future Film festival which will touch the subjects as existence, metaphysical existence and creativity. It will reach even subjects as visible, invisible, inspiration, creativity, emptiness, loneliness, isolation…

Some philosophical questions could arise as: society, freedom, individual existence, differences, uniqueness…

(1) Is there anything that must be true of absolutely everything that exists? (2) Must anything that exists have intrinsic properties?
(3) What are properties? Are they universals, or tropes, or . . .?
(4) Must anything that exists stand in some relation to something else?

(5) Must anything that exists be completely determinate, or can there be vague objects?
(6) Can there be things that exist that are not in time?
(7) Is there anything that is not part of the spatiotemporal world?

(8) What are the truthmakers for mathematical statements? (9) What are numbers?
(10) Can there be necessarily existent entities?
(11) What is it for something to be an actual entity?

(12) Is everything that exists an actual entity?
(13) What are the truthmakers for statements of logical possibility?
(14) Do merely possible worlds exist?
(15) What sorts of things are possible worlds?
(16) Is change really possible?… and meny more

(some of questions taken from: questions, acessed: 20201008)

Our aim is to open plattform to approach thoughts in which we can not find easy answers, but it doesn’t mean that we can not discuss them or find some implicit answers through the cinema art. Our guest will be prominent guests: filmmakers, film theoreticians, philosophers, writers, poets, artists, musicians, painters, historians, archeologists, theologists…

First edition is dated by maj 2021 in Laholm.